Residential Carpet

Carpet remains one of the most popular choices in flooring.  Carpet styles have changed throughout the years but the soft, comfortable feel remains the same.

Residential carpets are available in a variety of styles, textures, weights and colours.  There are hundreds of possibilities when selecting a carpet for your home and the staff at Country Flooring & Design Centre are experienced to match the room décor with the carpet.  A quality underpad is very important when selecting carpet in order to maintain a new look for many years to come.

Commercial Carpet

Most offices and businesses select carpet as their first choice in flooring. Many textures, weights, colours and patterns are available in commercial carpet.

Although carpet rolls are most popular, in recent years, carpet tiles are becoming increasingly popular.  The advantage of having carpet tile is in the event of damage or staining as it is easier and more economical to replace a single tile than a large piece of carpet.

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